Sunday, June 12, 2011

At least it was something.

We didn't exactly get a lot done today, but we did go to the grocery store and then to the dollar general. I now have new curtains in my bedroom! They're red to match the bed sheets and I simply love them. The old ones were just brown and came with our place.They were also really thin and let in a lot of light, but the new ones keep the room much darker, which was something we really wanted because a street light shines in our bedroom window at night and makes it difficult to sleep at times.

There are so many summer projects I want to work on! There's the privacy fence and we want to put a culvert into a drainage ditch by our house so we can cover it up and the yard will look nicer. I just wish we had the money to get started. Hopefully I'll get a job offer soon and we can get the money saved up to get cracking on all the work that needs done around here!


Christy said...

Like I always say, if it weren't for time and money nothing could stop us!! All things seem to happen in there own time. New curtains are good, I love it when things look pretty :)