Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not a productive day

Nothing was really accomplished today. It's been storming on and off all day, but we did have a nice family get-together at my husband's grandpa's house. The food was fabulous, and I got to chat with some of his cousins, who are really nice. Mason and Dexter got to go too, and they had a ball playing with the other dogs there. In total there ended up being five dogs and one cat at his grandpa's house today, only the cat actually lives there. I think I might have overate a little and I've been very sleepy since the meal.

While we didn't get much in the way of physical things accomplished, my husband and I did get to talk a lot about the ideas we had for our home in the future. We've agreed that the first thing we want to work on is getting a fence put up around our back yard. With three dogs it will come in handy to have a fence to let them run around in without having to be held back by being leashed all the time they're outdoors. I'm really wanting to go with a privacy fence. I know that chain-link would be cheaper, but if we find a good buy on the privacy fence it wouldn't be too much more expensive than the chain and it will look much nicer and probably last much longer. The chain-link kennel I bought for Missy sure didn't last more than a few days with her chewing her way out, anyway.

After that there's getting me a new computer, my husband a new computer desk, a bookshelf, a dining set, and a dresser set for the master bedroom. Maybe not the most exciting things, or the most relevant to a homestead, but taking care of our home and property is all steps into my goals, and into my husband's goals, which will be important to get him on board with my homesteading desires and to keep him willing to compromise. If he sees progress that we can both appreciate then we'll both be happier and the transitioning will go smoother, I think.

I hope to post every day, but hopefully there will be more interesting things to post about soon!